Freekeh isa delicious green wheat cereal food from middle ages times. It undergoes roastingduring its production stages. The wheat is harvested when young and green. Itwill be toasted and later cracked. Freekeh is a very healthy wholegrain food.Its flavor is much like that regarding bulgur wheat but it’s grassier. It is really anoutstanding source of nutrients. It is known for the smoky aroma and nuttyundertone. It can be abundant in proteins, fiber, minerals and proteins. Due to its highnutritional value, many people consider that it is a superfood. The majority of itsgluten is denatured during burning process. Due to this fact, a lot of peopleconsider it is gluten-free. But however, it is a wheat which is alwaysnot the case. Therefore, it’s not good for celiacs. Freekeh fits adequately indiabetes diet. Diabetes must always check with their doctor first.

Exactly why isfreekeh distinctive from normal wheat? Well, researches indicate which it has moreminerals, fiber and protein. This can be attributed that it can beharvested when young and green. It has additionally been ranked reduced index list.This food can be both in whole form and cracked form.


Freekehbarely gives you a gram of fat in a serving ( cup when raw). It can be low-fat food or nearly free of fat. Eachserving contains 8 grams of healthy proteins, fiber (4 grams) andcalories (about 130). To vegans and vegetarians, freekeh contains plenty ofzinc. And also to ladies, this food is packed with lots of iron.

Freekeh can be used in another way like:

it may be prepared and served likeopposite side foods e.g. rice

bring ingredient in soup.

as an constituent in vegetarianburgers

it may serve as a salad

its flour can be used to bake bread,pastas and pastries

Besidesits high nutrient content, freekeh cooks up fast in comparison to other wholegrains. About twenty or so minutes. It’s a perfect replacement for barley and brownrice in dishes like salads, risottos and pilafs. It features a chewy texture. On account ofthis, when freshly cooked, it may be served with fruit and yogurt.

Precisely what aresome great benefits of eating freekeh?

Its fiber contents are extremelyhigh. It is caused by this reality that it is great for people undergoingweight. Its fiber makes a person full for prolonged period. Its fiber and proteinsubmissions are a couple of times that regarding brown rise.

It’s a wholegrain. Because of thisit can be filled with important nourishment like magnesium, potassium and selenium.

It can be good for vegans andvegetarians due to the high protein contents.

It’s a reduced carb food. This is correctmainly because it contains resistance starch.

It can improve ones bowl health.

It can be 100% natural and free from anychemicals. No GMOs, preservatives, additives or coloring.

It’s got rich reserves of Zeaxanthinand Lutein. These inhibits age-related degeneration of body muscles.

Nowadays,Freekeh is now for sale in supermarkets and whole foods stores. It can beworth trying as it is not very expensive.